About Us

System Admins, System Engineers, System Architects, Close Support, Help Desk, Configuration Management positions available from Washington, DC to Hawaii.


Geminitech provides IT services support to the federal government, Department of Defense (DOD), and Intelligence Community(IC). Contract vehicles both as prime and subcontractor allow the government to meet it's small business contracting goals.

Data Analytics provide an important skill to our customers looking to optimize performance on processes and procedures.


With past projects at bases all around Hawaii, Geminitech has expanded to provide services in Georgia, Colorado, and the WMA. Successful projects for DOD and other agencies gives Geminitech a reputation of rapid time to success. As a proven partner, HP contracted to Gemintech to come in and fix contractual errors from other vendors.

Our people help our customers connect the dots and analyze network bottlenecks, application throttling, and storage latency.

Rapid Deployment of Personnel

With a proven track record of recruiting and deploying personnel in critical time frames, the government can support their mission in tight time frames. In addition, Geminitech's culture attracts individuals with rapid Time to Productivity (TTP) rates. Geminitech provides support to their personnel with deep reachback. These people are productive during their first week onsite.