Start your career in the intelligence community with us. NSA, CIA, and NGA contracts available.

Who are you?

You are obviously one of the smartest people you know or you wouldn't be here. You work best when someone isn't right over your shoulder telling you not only WHAT to do but HOW to do it. You know you'll never see the inside of a corporate office and so you value the benefits that focus on you and your Geminitech team at the site.

Life at Geminitech

We are all about the person and how you help us to look good. So we want you to be happy. We organize happy hours, holiday parties, summer picnics, and techie brainstorming sessions. 

Contract positions from DC to Hawaii

We have a 6 year contract with positions nearby, or far away. You can stay near family or experience new places. With our teaming arrangements and partnerships, we are adding more opportunities for you.

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